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How the App Works

A fast, intuitive, secure, and scalable way to find engaged and interested candidates close to your location!

The Help Wanted mobile app is where Canadian employers, students, and young adult job seekers connect. The Help Wanted mobile app provides a unique set of benefits for both hiring managers and job applicants:

Hiring Managers

  • Use your phone, laptop or ipad to view and connect with applicants

  • Engage in conversation that allows you to easily assess and connect with people interested in working for you

  • Export conversations and data to your applicant tracking system

  • Easily find local candidates for your open positions

Job Seekers

  • Register with Help Wanted App to find jobs closest to you

  • Enter your availability, skills, interests for employers near you to view

  • Swipe on the jobs you’re interested in and begin chatting with those that are hiring!