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Our launch partner is Student Life Network and Parent Life Network, so get ready to introduce your employer brand and open positions to more than 1,000,000 Canadians!

Student Life Network:

  • Has more than 750,000 engaged and active students across Canada!

  • 30% are in highschool, 20% in College, and 50% in University

  • 140,000 Twitter Followers and 275,000 Facebook fans!

  • The network grows by 10,000 new students every month!

Parent Life Network:

  • Has more than 265,000 engaged and active parents across Canada!

  • 75% of this group is between the age of 25-35 and many are seeking part-time positions!

Expose your brand to this tech-savvy group of people, along with millions of people who will see the Help Wanted App logo at hundreds of retail stores and restaurants across Canada!

Have questions about how Help Wanted can streamline your recruitment and hiring processes? Let’s talk.