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Canadian students and young adults are looking for jobs with their mobile devices.

Finding the best full- and part-time entry-level and middle management talent to grow your team and deliver world-class customer service is becoming increasingly challenging, for many companies and organizations. 

Students and young adults who are looking for temporary, entry-level, or middle management full- or part-time positions aren’t combing through classified ads, responding to signs in store windows, or attending jobs fairs. They’re conducting their job searches online through their mobile devices.

Research shows 2015 was the year online searches conducted on smartphones and tablets surpassed desktop computer-based online searches, and that mobile traffic comprised an estimated 30% of all internet usage globally. In Canada, 49% of all internet use is conducted on a mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the number of Canadian mobile users is on the rise with about 67% of all adults pocketing a smartphone. As more Canadian households subscribe to mobile wireless services than to landline telephone services, it’s estimated 85% of Canadians between the ages of 17 and 21 are using a smartphone or mobile phone as their primary device to access the internet.

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