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About Help Wanted Inc.

Help Wanted Inc. was founded as a tool to help solve the crisis of youth unemployment, Help Wanted has grown into a simple and effective technology solution designed to help companies find interested, qualified and nearby candidates for open part-time roles.

We help companies in all industries and verticals connect with the students and part-time job seekers to fulfill their employment requirements for seasonal demand peaks, temporary or permanent full- and part-time entry-level jobs.

Finding and retaining the best talent in a highly competitive job market can be a daunting and expensive task.  Companies either over complicate the hiring process, or simply rely on a Help Wanted sign, or expensive online ads, with very little success.  We are here to offer a more effective way to hire and represent your employment brand to those seeking a job.

Have questions about how Help Wanted can streamline your recruitment and hiring processes? Let’s talk.