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Stay connected to your applicant search while on the go

<strong>Stay connected</strong> to your applicant search while on the go

Help Wanted:
Your Effective Hiring Solution

Find, connect, recruit.  It’s that easy.

Tired of using a Help Wanted sign every time you need to hire?  Do you struggle to fill part-time or seasonal positions in your company?  Are you interested in connecting with people that are close by and interested in working for you?  Welcome to Help Wanted App, your effective hiring solution.

Help Wanted App allows you to quickly connect with job seekers who are close to your location and interested in employment with your company.

Help Wanted App reduces costs by simplifying your hiring process, and allowing you to find the temporary or permanent part-time help you need, efficiently and effectively.

A New, Efficient Hiring Process

Help Wanted App connects job seekers with employers.  The app connects part-time job seekers with open positions closest to their location.  Companies connect with these job seekers and it helps businesses streamline their hiring processes by identifying the right applicants, and allowing for direct communication in real time via the candidates mobile phone.

Get the Competitive Edge You Need

Retail stores, professional offices, fashion boutiques, businesses of all types – merchandisers, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, financial firms and event companies – are in steep competition to find, hire, and retain the best talent.  The need to hire part-time roles is frequent and turnover can be high.  Give yourself the best possible competitive advantage, start using Help Wanted App today!